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Hualien Art Exhibition

2021 Hualien Art Exhibition
General Regulations of Calling for Entries

Deadline extended to June 30th, 2021

  • Object

    In order to inspire artistic creation, explore the connotation and expression of arts which respond to the spirit of the times, Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau hereby sets up the activity of Hualien Art Exhibition.

  • Handling unit

    • (1)Organizer: Hualien County Government
    • (2)Case Handling Unit: Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau (hereinafter referred to as HCCAB), Consortium Cultural Foundation of Hualien County.
  • Eligibility

    • (1)No matter what race or nationality, any individual artist or creation group from domestic area or overseas are welcome to attend the competition.
    • (2)Each person (or group) should register only once without repetition; and individual creator should not join in the registration of creation group at the same time.
    • (3)Group participants should nominate a representative of the group.
    • (4)If there are doubts about the qualifications, it would be ruled and recognized by the evaluation committee.
  • Way of contest

    • (1)The competition is handled by open solicitation.
    • (2)All the registrations should be made online.
    • (3)The deadline is extended to 5:00 p.m. on June 30.
  • Regulation of the contest

    • (1)The entries should be original and new creations.
    • (2)Entries are not limited in type, media and size (the size of the works should be adjusted according to the actual exhibition space).
    • (3)This time, the theme of the competition is not limited. Competitors can reflect personal experience about Hualien on their creative consciousness, break through the media frame, integrate tradition with contemporary, make marginal imagination of Hualien's regional culture, do the cultural measurement or social observation with research-based performance, response to the penetration of generational styles, bear ethnic cultural awareness, or present their works with interactive art and new visual experience which combine traditional culture with technology.
  • Exhibition location

    The 10th building of Hualien Cultural and Creative Park (it’s tentative arrangement, the exact exhibition space would depend on the actual arrangement in the days ahead).

  • Information which should be logged in online

    • (1)Personal data (including the highest educational degree, experience of attending exhibition, award record, etc.)
    • (2) Six of past works (including the name of the works, materials being used, sizes, date of the creation, as well as the creative idea (within 150 words) and archive of the works).
    • (3)The plan of the entries’ creation concept (within 1,000 words [inclusive], effect diagram, etc.), the picture should be set in 3MB, while the file format should be JPG. Each work should contain 4 pictures (one panorama and three partials). As for dynamic audiovisual works, each file being transmitted should be limited to 1 minute at most, and both formats of mp3 / mp4 are available. Please log in the link to the registration website through Vimeo/YouTube.
    • (4)Archive description of past works:

      • Static image file: Each picture should be 3MB with JPG file format. Each work should contain 3 pictures (one panorama, two partials) and the files being transmitted are limited to 18 at most.
      • Dynamic works, videos, sound files: each file being transmitted should be limited to 5 minutes at most, while the file size of the film and sound should be under 100 MB, and both formats of mp3 / mp4 are available. If necessary, please edit and condense the data by yourself. As for dynamic audiovisual works, please log in the link to the registration website through Vimeo / YouTube.
    • (5)The entries should accomplish the first to the fourth conditions mentioned above, then would the registration procedure be considered finished.
  • Three-stage Review Process

    • (1) Preliminary Review:All the entries would be reviewed on-line by the jury to select 12 contestants for the second review and the selected list will be announced on the official website of the HCCAB; while those who are not selected won’t be notified.
    • (2) Second Review: The HCCAB will provide the size of the exhibition location for the artists to arrange the spatial layout when the notification of second review is delivered. The artist should choose a date for oral presentation of his/her creation plan and describe the work and the executive philosophy, exhibition space layout (such as electricity demand, etc.) and other reference works. During the second review, the jury will ask questions on the spot, the competitor should explain at most 10 minutes, and the jury members should ask questions for 8 minutes. It is supposed to select 6 artists/groups and 2 artist/group candidates to participate in the final trial for exhibition. Those who don’t meet the criteria of the jury committee should be absent.
    • (3) Final accreditation: Competitors shortlisted for the final accreditation will be evaluated and selected by the jury based on the actual exhibition execution. In the final accreditation, one winner will be selected for the "First Prize (Hualien Award)" and five for the "selected" list.
  • Rewards

    • (1) The winner of “Hualien Award” will receive a prize of NT$ 500,000 (tax included), a trophy and 20 albums. But the works should be collected by the organizer and the ownership of the works should belong to the HCCAB, while the permanent non-exclusive authorization of the copyright property rights is also attributed to the Bureau.
    • (2) The HCCAB will provide NT$ 80,000 (tax included) for the exhibition layout fee, a commendation and 10 volumes of album for each "selected" artist.

*In order to follow the relevant regulations of Personal Data Protection Act and safeguard your privacy, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hualien always bases on respecting your rights and interests when it collects, processes or utilizes your personal data, and obeys the regulations to inform you about the privacy protection policy. Now, you have understood clearly about the policy of the bureau, and agree all the corresponding requests of the policy and related legislations which have the effect of written agreement recognizing the bureau’s collecting, processing and utilizing your personal data. I agree all the statements above and thereupon apply the protection.