Former Site of Gongpu
Former Site of Gongpu Former Site of Gongpu
Former Site of Gongpu
Category:Archaeological site Level:County-level
Township:  Fuli Township

Address:  Shipai Vil., Fuli Township, Hualien County 983

Range:  Lots 2984, 2985, 2985-1, 754, 756, Fuli Sec., Fuli Township, Taiwan

No:  Fu Wen Zi Zi Document No. 09505801410 on Nov. 2nd, 2006

Former Site of Gongpu

The site belonged to Peinan culture in the late Neolithic Age, suggesting that the ancient residents living here had a close interaction with those living in the Former Site of Peinan of Taitung. Or, the site may be the place where the descendants of Peinan culture decided to settle down when they moved north from the south of East Rift Valley.
The rock walls of Gongpu may be a part of a construction at ancient times. When its wood-framed parts were all gone 3000 years later, the rock walls were left on the site.