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Creating a Cultural City and International Metropolis - Hualien Tourism

Hualien is the home of the sun. It has extensive "2 + 5" tourism resources. “2” refers to its first-rate and convenient transportation facilities which include an international airport and harbor. “5” refers to its diverse indigenous culture, Taroko Gorge - one of the natural wonders of the world, the sweeping expanse of valleys and plains, Ruisui - the largest hot spring region in Asia covering an area of over 1000 hectares, and the breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean. Every scenic spots is worth visiting and experiencing. We welcome everyone to visit Hualien and enjoy a stay with us.

Apart from boasting extensive tourism resources, Hualien is also a harmonious melting pot of different ethnic groups. The four main ethnic groups of Min, Hakka, mainland Chinese descendents, and indigenous people each make up a quarter of the county's 350,000 strong population. All groups live and thrive together with mutual respect and support, bonded by a common goal of a new Hualien with joy and hope for the future.

Every year, funds are budgeted for the promotion of grassroots cultural activities and events. Communities and groups are invited to jointly organize local cultural events and all residents are encouraged to attend these activities. It is only through fostering mutual respect and understanding between different groups that local culture can achieve sustainable development. These activities include classes and workshops, cultural activities on weekends, and folk festivals. The objectives of these static exhibitions and dynamic cultural performances are to lay down a cultural foundation and to foster appreciation for multi-culturalism.


To develop culture comprehensively with short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans

1.Arts Promotion

Organize diverse cultural activities, provide support and assistance to towns and communities to organize cultural activities on weekends in order to create better and more enriching lifestyles. Provide support and guidance to communities for community improvement, construct local cultural museums, discover and share local culture in order to nurture the development of arts and literature.

2.Performing Arts

Provide proactive training and nurturing of local performing groups, and invite outstanding performing groups from around the country to hold performances in the Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau's Performance Hall, outdoor theaters, Hakka museum performance halls, and other suitable venues around Hualien County. Provide comprehensive support and training for the rejuvenation project of the Guo Zijiu Music Cultural Hall. The hall will serve as a performing arts interactive exchange platform which will improve the quality of performers, enriching the lives of local residents and promoting understanding of local culture.

3.Library Information

Provide adequate support for the 13 community libraries by adding to library collections, organizing events to promote reading and creating a better reading environment. Organize literature competitions, nurture literary talent, and hold seminars to elevate and enhance Hualien's literary environment. Build a rich cultural heritage and become a window for the public to learn more about Hualien.

4.Visual Arts

Provide a platform for exhibitions of art and sculpture; plan and organize exhibitions to provide a better quality of life and create an aesthetically pleasing environment. Organize submissions for the Huilan Fine Arts Exhibition and encourage future works; Organize public art assessment to create a better visual art environment; Build the Hualien International Sculpture Cultural Park to provide a venue for enriching leisure activities, enhance competitiveness of traditional industries and create new tourism opportunities; Organize Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival events to provide an exchange platform for sculpture artworks, showcase unique local culture, and to spur the development of the tourism and cultural industries of Hualien.

5.Cultural Heritage

Dedicating towards cultural heritage preservation, and establishing prepatory office for the Museum of Hualien History. Restroing, preserving, and rejuvenating the cultural heritages according to the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act.