Office name service
Library Information Section service

Management of the County Library, provide assistance with the management of local libraries, arts and culture appreciation, media and communications.


Operations, management and maintenance of the Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau Library.

Operations, management and reading promotion duties of the Public Library, Eastern Region Resource Center

Support, integration, and assessment of local libraries in Hualien County

Promotional activities of Hualien literature and local writers

Promotion and collection of art and literary publications of Hualien County

Funding for reading promotional events in indigenous communities.

Reading promotional activities such as parent-child reading time and story-telling mom

Promotional activities for cultural cinemas

Other reading promotional activities

Visual Arts Section service

Operation and management of the Sculpture Museum and Art Museum, management of public art and visual arts


Applications to hold exhibitions at the Art Museum

Planning of exhibitions at the Sculpture Museum

Funding for local cultural museums (Sculpture Museum) by the Ministry of Culture

Collection, exhibition and publication of the Huilan Fine Arts Exhibition

Hualien County Cultural Heritage Award nomination, prize giving and promotional activities

Promotion of public art and convening of public art committee meetings

Publication of the Stone Art Journal

Large-scale international exchange events (including the Hualien International Stone Sculpture Festival, the Cross-Strait Stone Sculpture Cultural Exchange Exhibition, and cross-straits art and cultural exchanges)

Collection and restoration of artworks

Promotion of indigenous wood sculptures

Performing Arts Section service

Management of performance halls, promotion of performance arts (including music, dance, theater, folk art), support and assistance for performing groups, mentoring of art volunteers


Forming and support of performing groups in Hualien County

Planning and promotion of art awards and grants

Nomination and awards for outstanding performing groups of Hualien County

Program planning, management and rental of performance halls (including outdoor theaters, performance halls and conference centers)

International art and cultural exchanges

Events planning and promotion of performing arts activities

Events planning and promotion of the East Pacific Coast Art Festival

Planning and promotion of children's theater performances and summer camp activities

Selection, license issuance and support for street performers in Hualien County

Support and assistance for the Guo Zijiu Music Cultural Museum

Recruitment, training and mentoring of art and culture volunteers

Any other performing arts activities

Arts Promotion Section service

Management of all activities related to community improvement, local museums, cultural and creative industries, Pine Garden, folk festivals, information and media, Hualien Studies Conferences, cultural activities during weekends, Hualien artists-in-residence, art and culture workshops, and support for cultural and arts foundations


Community improvement:

Establishment of a support committee to assist and offer guidance on related activities

Nomination of improvement locations around Hualien, implementation of community improvement projects

Organization of exhibitions to showcase societal improvements in Hualien

Local museums:

Establishment of a support committee to assist and offer guidance on related activities

Management of category 1 and 2 museums throughout Hualien and support for private museums

Resource integration and collaborative marketing

Cultural and creative industries:

Support and guidance for businesses in the cultural and creative industries, such as matters regarding applications for funding

Publication of an inventory of community members taking part in cultural and creative activities and establishing a database

Forming a cultural and creative industries assessment team

Organization of county-level cultural and creative fairs

Pine Garden project:

Appoint industry professionals to run operations and management

Maintenance of infrastructure and facilities around the park

Conservation of pine trees

Organize cultural and arts activities

Folk festivals:

Organize cultural festivals (Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival)

Information and publicity:

Promotion, maintenance and servicing of digital resources

Promotion through audio and visual channels

Information, website, television broadcasts and other promotional activities of the Huilan Fine Arts Festival

Hualien Academic Studies Conferences: Organize a Hualien Academic Studies Conference once every two to three years

Weekend Cultural Plaza: Support and guidance for local communities to organize cultural activities during weekends

Hualien artists-in-residence: Support and guidance for individuals and groups to implement public projects for artists-in-residence

Arts and culture workshops: Organize arts and culture workshops

Arts and culture foundation services: Support and guidance for the establishment and management of arts and culture foundations, supervision of their annual activities, budget allocation and other activities

All other related activities

Cultural Heritage Section service

Preservation and re-use of historical sites, historical buildings, artifacts, literature; promotion of folk and traditional arts, local cultural and historical activities


Proposal, deliberation, appointment, registration, and announcement of matters relating to cultural heritage

Management and maintenance plans for historical sites and historical buildings under the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act, response plans, cultural scenic site preservation plan, settlement preservation, design and assessment of redevelopment plans

Rejuvenation and re-use of cultural assets, museum space management and maintenance matters. Current museums comprise:

  • Japanese Living Quarters by the Meilun River (General's Residence)
  • Hualien Railway Museum (Hall 1, 2)
  • Ji’an Keishuin

National Heritage Day, cultural heritage promotional and educational activities

Planning highlights under the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture: Planning and execution of the railway art website plan, world heritage, cultural heritage and environmental integration plan,

Queries on building license applications and construction permits

Preservation of historical documents, database selection and assessment

General Affairs Office service

Management of seals, documents, files, general affairs, finances, legal, research and miscellaneous duties


Seals, documents, files, general affairs, finances, legal, research and miscellaneous duties

Procurement and management of properties and vehicles; management of alternative military service matters

Refurbishing, preservation and maintenance of buildings and environment

Accounting Office

Matters will be handled in accordance with the law

Personnel Office

Matters will be handled in accordance with the law

Civil Service Ethics Office

Matters will be handled in accordance with the law