Former Site of Saoba Stone Pillars
Former Site of Saoba Stone Pillars Former Site of Saoba Stone Pillars
Former Site of Saoba Stone Pillars
Category:Archaeological site Level:County-level
Township:  Ruisui Township

Address:  Wuhe Vil., Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978

Range:  Lots 204-5, 204-67, 204-68, Wuhe Sec., Ruisui Township, Taiwan

No:  Fu Wen Zi Zi Document No. 09505801410 on Nov. 2nd, 2006

Former Site of Saoba Stone Pillars

Saoba stone pillars, located on Wuhe terrace in Ruisui Township, have been designated as a Level3 historic site. The stone pillars are the relics of Peinan culture in the Neolithic Age. The site is roughly in an oval shape with 600 meters in length and 400 meters in width. High tall pillars, Yan stones and Yin stones are easily seen within the site. Moreover, the most well-known Saoba Stone Pillar is approximately 7.2 meters in height, 2.1 meters in width, and 0.9 meter in thickness. Legends concerning Saoba Stone Pillars are mostly myths such as the hunter’s curse, the first ancestor of the Amis, and turning wood into stone.
Since the site is located high up on the hill, it is likely for tourists to appreciate the valley of Xiuguluan River and mountains across the bank. The scenery is breathtaking. At present, the base, centering on the two stone pillars is approximately seventy-two meters in length and width, has become a popular tourist attraction in Ruisui Township after being repaired and constructed by the administration of East Rift Valley National Scenic Area. Paying a visit to Saoba Stone Pillars may bring tourists back to history or help to restore their enginery.