Hualien Ji’an Ching-xiu Yuan
Hualien Ji’an Ching-xiu Yuan Hualien Ji’an Ching-xiu Yuan
Hualien Ji’an Ching-xiu Yuan
Category:Monuments Level:County-level
Township:  Ji'an Township

Address:  No.345-1, Zhongxing Rd., Jian Vil., Ji'an Township, Hualien County 973

Range:  Lots 796, 818-1, 820-4, Fuxing Sec., Jian Township, Taiwan

No:  Tai Nei Min Zi Document No. 86773230 on Apr. 1st, 1997

Hualien Ji’an Ching-xiu Yuan

Following traditional Japanese architectural features, Jian Ching-xiu Yuan is a wood-framed construction. As for the roof part, it is a four-eaves hipped one, paved with metal corrugated boards, which is rarely seen. Jian Ching-xiu Yuan serves as the function of auditorium and worship. Since this is a rather serious and religious place, the surroundings are serene and peaceful. Facing the front part of the construction, there are three rooms, with another four rooms at each wing. The head-penetrating tie beams over the front gate project outward on both sides of the corner pillars. On the other hand, the three side corridors around the construction are equipped with wood railings. The main layout shapes roughly like a square. Visitors may pay attention to the head-penetrating tie beams(kashiranuki), the brackets, and the nosings(kibana) decorated on the wood-framed ceilings. These typical traditional Japanese architectural characteristics successfully integrate with the local weather and give Jian Ching-xiu Yuan its uniqueness.