HuaLien Stone Sculpture Museum
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  • Name: HuaLien Stone Sculpture Museum
  • Category: Themed museum
  • Level: Public premises
  • Rownsihip: Hualien City
  • Feature: The artworks of stone sculpture from at home and abroad
  • Address: No. 8, WenFu Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970
  • TEL: +886-3-8227121*245
  • FAX: 03-8235084
  • Open hours: 
    Opening Hours: Open Year Round, 9AM to 5PM
    Closed during remodeling or exhibit changes
  • Ticket:  Admission: Standard – NT$20; Concessions – NT$10 (applicable to groups of 20 people or more, students, police and military personnel) Those who meet the following conditions may visit the Hall for free: Hualien County residents (ID required), children under 120cm, seniors age 65 years and over, disabled persons holding documents for proof)
  • Website:
HuaLien Stone Sculpture Museum HuaLien Stone Sculpture Museum


Available with a licensed guide: Advance reservations must be made at least three days prior to your scheduled visiting.

A brief introduction of the facility:

It is the first stone sculpture-themed museum in Taiwan. The museum, located in Hualien City, is a 2-story building constructed with Shimizu formwork and piled stones. The appearance of the building is full of the spirit of modern architecture with high ceilings, which allows for the display of large artworks. The various kinds of stone sculpture activities held on regular basis by HuaLien City Government have made the museum a well-known cultural tourist attraction and a place for recreational activities.

The International Stone Sculpture Arts Festival held every two years has now become one of the most important events to the domestic stone sculpture circle as it not only provides the artists of stone carvings at home and abroad with a stage to display their works and the opportunities to exchanges but also attracts numerous tourists and stone sculpture lovers.

In 1994, the Cabinet-level CCA (Council for Cultural Affairs) members encouraged the city and county governments to hold small-scale international arts activities to demonstrate the features of their local cultures and customs. At the time, the HuaLien County Culture Center (now the HuaLien County Cultural Affairs Bureau) chose the county's famous mineral resources and stone sculpture talents as the theme of county's cultural features. In 1996, CCA approved a proposal that “International Stone Sculpture Arts Festival” be held by HuaLien County Culture Center every two years to bring together top stone sculpture talents from at home and abroad in HuaLien for cultural exchanges through on-site artistic creations and exhibitions of stone sculptures, further to push HuaLien onto the world stage. Until now, six International Stone Sculpture Arts Festivals have been held in HuaLien County since 1997. In addition to attracting a great number of stone sculpture workers and lovers, the museum has also collected lots of stone sculpture artworks through the related activities.

It is hoped that in the future the Stone Sculpture Museum can work together with the industry, government and academia to achieve the goal of the development of stone sculpture culture and the integration of arts and technology to enable more people to better understand stone materials and improve their ability to appreciate the beauty of stone sculptures. In the future, the museum will move toward the model of contracting-out management to separate the development of the museum's collection research and marketing, whereby the museum can operate in a self-sufficient manner. Also, the museum will organize various stone sculpture-related activities and expand its exhibition space in the hope that it can become one of the important tourism and recreation resources. Moreover, it is hoped that through its active operation, the museum can help cultivate the culture value of the local residents.

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HuaLien Stone Sculpture Museum
Address:No. 8, WenFu Rd., Hualien City, Hualien County 970