Information Security Policy

To protect the website and ensure that it continues to be available to serve all Internet users this website has the following security measures:

  • A network intruder detection system is used and network traffic volume monitored to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or alter web page data or deliberately damage the web pages.

  • A firewall is installed to prevent illegal intrusion, damage, stealing or damaging of data to prevent the illegal use of the website and protect the rights of users.

  • Virus scanning software is installed and scanning for viruses carried out regularly to provide a safer web page environment for users.

  • Simulation of hacker attack is carried out regularly and system recovery when there is a major security incident practiced. In addition, a suitable security level will be provided.

  • Copying is carried out every day and the copies are all copied onto the reserve mainframe computer.

  • Security notification emails from all related work system supply companies or application program supply companies are automatically accepted and in accordance with email suggestions suitable upgraded files are installed.