Hualien Forestry Corporation
Hualien Forestry Corporation Hualien Forestry Corporation
Hualien Forestry Corporation
Category:Monuments Level:County-level
Township:  Hualien City

Address:  Next to No.10, Jinghua St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970

Range:  Lots 88, Beibin Sec., Hualien City, Taiwan (Lots 88-1, 90, 90-2 are classified as Historic Monuments Preservation Area)

No:  Fu Wen Tui Zi Document No. 09205800410 on Mar. 19th, 2003

Hualien Forestry Corporation

A. The construction is an important proof of the beginning of forestry industry of Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Period and the development of Hualien area.
B. ‘Forestry Corporation’ is a Japanese-Western hybrid construction. It adopted the wood-framed truss, washing finish of stucco, Y-shaped colonnade of eaves, and special Japanese tiles and so on architectural types of historic constructed materials , which were often used in the mid of Japanese Colonial Period and have technique values. Moreover, Southeast Asia plants (such as big Ye Ren, King coconut and so on ) were widely grown in the garden, which formed significant garden features in the Japanese Colonial Period. The construction is meaningful in terms of preserving the architectural characteristics of Japanese-Western hybrid construction.
C. The archway decorations of the porch and the two pillars standing in front of the gate are the images of a public construction. Moreover, the construction is in a good condition and so are its surroundings.