Jinghua Garden
Jinghua Garden Jinghua Garden
Jinghua Garden
Category:Historic Buildings Level:County-level
Township:  Hualien City

Address:  Next to No.10, Jinghua St., Hualien City, Hualien County 970

Range:  Lots 88-1, Beibin Sec., Hualien City, Taiwan

No:  Fu Wen Tui Zi Document No. 09105800790 on Sep. 23rd, 2002

Jinghua Garden

The garden is built in the Renaissance style, with a symmetrical layout and the elegant arch. The place is simple, elegant, yet classic. Various plants can be found inside the garden such as Comphor Tree, Indiapoon Beautyleaf, Bauhinia Variegata, and climbing plants, which fill the air with a fresh fragrance and make the place worthy of preserving.