Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory)
Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory)
  • Name: Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory)
  • Level: Folk premises
  • Rownsihip: Guangfu Township
  • Feature: 
  • Address: No.19, Tangchang St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County 976
  • TEL: +886-8704125#535、536
  • Open hours:  09:00~17:00, Monday through Sunday
  • Ticket:  N/A
  • Website:
Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory) Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory)


1. Application for school tours and activities
Currently Hualien Sugar Factory provides various themed school activities to different grades, open to schools via application.
These include:
a. Guided tour of the history and culture of the Hualien Sugar Factory
b. DIY sugar-making activity
c. Japanese-style wooden dormitories
d. Parasitoid wasp prevention

2. Sugar factory Japanese-style dormitory accommodation
The room types are divided into Japanese Wood Bungalow (2 people) and Family Wood Bungalow (3 people).
Overnight visitors can enjoy a free guided tour of the sugar factory.
Reservations hotline:

3. Food
a. Amah's Restaurant
Buffet-style breakfast is provided to overnight guests, group meals also provided.
b. Woodpecker's Casa Italian Restaurant.
Wood-oven baked pizza, pasta, desserts are offered.

A brief introduction of the facility:

Located in Hualien Sugar Factory, Guangfu Township. Built in the Japanese colonial era,
it was the former Saltwater Harbor Sugar Manufacturing Plant, and the Hualien Manufacturing Plant Dahe Factory. Together with the Shoufeng Factory in Shoufeng, these two were part of the thriving industry of the eastern regions.
Towards the end of WWII, both sugar factories were bombed by the U.S. air force and heavily damaged. After assessment it was decided that the Shoufeng factory was to be demolished, but the Dahe factory was to be preserved and restored. It is now the Hualien Sugar Factory of Guangfu Township.
After Retrocession, it was officially renamed the "Hualien Sugar Factory of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation". After the factory was restored, sugar production began again in 1948. With the additional equipment and expansion of the factory, it was able to process 2600 tons of sugarcane per day. Sugar products included coarse sugar, fine sugar and sugar crystals.
After a long history of sugar manufacturing, production officially ceased in 2002.
Hualien Sugar Factory is an architectural record of the history and culture of the Japanese colonial era and the post-war era. The sugar production plants, warehouse, incinerator, Japanese era employee dormitories, and documents and records have all been preserved.
To promote local industrial culture, Hualien Sugar Factory established the Huatang Museum to display sugar manufacturing related implements, as well as many precious old photographs and stories.

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Huatang Museum (Hualien Sugar Factory)
Address:No.19, Tangchang St., Guangfu Township, Hualien County 976