Gulusuogu Jade Studio
Gulusuogu Jade Studio
  • Name: Gulusuogu Jade Studio
  • Level: Folk premises
  • Rownsihip: Fengbin Township
  • Feature: Wu Yisheng, a jade sculptor and artist, has spent many years in jade sculpture, art assessment and educational works. Inside the studio many rare and exquisite jade sculptures are displayed. These include dark jade, nephrite and lavender jade creations.
  • Address: No.1-2, Yongfeng, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 977
  • TEL: +886-8791898
  • FAX: 03-8791083
  • Open hours:  07:00~22:00, Monday through Sunday
  • Ticket:  N/A
  • Website:
Gulusuogu Jade Studio Gulusuogu Jade Studio


1. East coast jade art on sale
2. Go-to-Sea Coffee Shop and Guesthouse
Room types for 2 people or 4 people are available, rooms give out onto the beautiful scenery of the east coast.
3. Recreation space
Parking spaces available, travelers are welcome to take a rest here.
Coffee, cold drinks and ice cream provided.

A brief introduction of the facility:

"Gulusuogu" means "everything's here" in Taiwanese. Gulusuogu is situated at the 48 km distance marker on Route 11. It is a treasure trove of dazzling jade art works and creations, prepare to be amazed!
The jade mines on the east coast are known worldwide. Taiwan's topographical and geological development formed the diverse jade mineral resources of the east coast including dark jade, nephrite, "year cake" jade, coral jade, white chalcedony, purple chalcedony, and green chalcedony.
Each lovely piece of jade is formed under different conditions, with patterns ever more diverse.
Through the creativity and innovation of Director Wu Yisheng, each piece of jade is turned into a brilliant and dazzling jade art creation.
Apart from its breathtaking jade collection, Gulusuogu Jade Studio has an equally impressive sea-view platform. Stand on the platform and take in the unobstructed stunning ocean views.
Whether the aquamarine seas in spring and summer or the inky roiling waters in windy autumn and winter, you will be astounded every time and come back for more.
Learn about the story and meaning behind each jade creation under the warm hospitality of Director Wu Yisheng. Enjoy a cup of Italian-style coffee while you enjoy the lovely coastal scenery of Hualien. This is one of the must-see places on your trip to the east coast!

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Gulusuogu Jade Studio
Address:No.1-2, Yongfeng, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 977